Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Art at the Library 2009

Jonas's dollhouse birthday cake (it's SO SMALL)

This month we will be kicking off the next segment of art fun at our own Rockport Public Library, a mini-course on artist journals. Many of the techniques we'll play with are also ATC-friendly, they are multi-layered, textured wonders, with as much or little text as the artist needs/wants. We will have four sessions, the third Saturday afternoon of the month, from March to June, from 2:30-4. Space is limited, so call the library to sign up (236-3642). Robinsunne and I are collaborating on the teaching part of it and she has already made a yummy sample book, with some pages of a few of the techniques we'll be trying. Here's one of her delightful pages:
That crazy texture you see is this neat spreadable modeling paste stuff, available locally at Rockport Blueprint, and it is a bit like spackle (for your walls) but it doesn't crack when dry, it sort of turns out feeling like thick, bendy wallpaper.
This is what we did for our Snowy Day themed preschool story-time at the library this morning, when I was standing in for Miss Jane. We read snow books, we talked about snow and what we do in it. The parents enjoyed it less that the kids, perhaps. But the snowman craft was a hit, proving that you can't go wrong with googly eyes with this crowd.
And I had to show you the tiny purse for our friend the birthday girl, filled with tiny packages of Sculpey dollhouse food (baguette, pretzels, cookies, cinnamon loaf, a fancy sandwich), for Sylvan's special friend Sophia. And he enclosed a photo of himself. (I think he is hoping for one from her in return.) That lovely cake you saw above was Jonas's gift to her, because even though he doesn't know her like Sylvan does, we all feel like we know her well because Sylvan speaks of her so often. Sylvan reported that the party was a hit and the birthday girl wore a very fancy dress!


  1. what is it with small? C was knitting with straight pins yesterday. She said purling was really hard. I would think simply seeing the work would be really hard. All the gifts are so lovely.


  2. Wow what a lovely wee parcel of things. I can't think of a nicer wee present for a birthday girl! That purse fabric is beautiful, and I must say how much I love that wee rolled home hankie you made too, that was very inspiring. In fact, it's all inspiring! Often after reading your blog I want to go and cook something or sew something.
    Lovely lovely lovely.

  3. Don't you love Rockport Blueprint?

    Those are some very sweet presents. I'm sure the young lady in question will love them!



  4. So I must report, (as the mother of the birthday girl) that your handmade gifts were quite a treat! Sophia took such delight in opening each delicately wrapped doll house food item…the miniature pretzels (dappled with flecks of salt!), baguettes and little buns, and even a personalized birthday cake with the perfect slice ready to eat!!! They are little treasures that the dolls are likewise thankful for as their plates and tables were sadly empty prior to this surprise! Sophie loves her new purse too…so lovely! Your family’s thoughtfulness and attention to detail is truly appreciated. By the way, Sylvan’s photograph has found its way lovingly taped to Sophie’s window above her little table and I wouldn’t be surprised if he finds a photograph of her very soon via the US Postal Service. Thank you and your family again for making my little girl’s birthday so special. It was a day of many smiles.