Sunday, March 1, 2009

Getting Our Craft On

Thanks to Skip the Chips I have embraced yet another Grandma craft, yes, now I can say I have made a rolled-hem hankie by hand just like my Aunt Stella used to. She posted a link to a lovely tutorial from Purl SOHO, if you want to get your Grandma Craft on.
It's so fussy and super detail oriented that I have not made it start-to-finish through one hankie...I usually take a few stitches, then move on to something else. As it happens there are a couple birthday girls who needed presents. Would they have chosen this pattern of fabric? Probably not, but I figured why NOT have something bright and happy to blow your nose on?
You may remember the fabric from the Tiny Purse project that started this whole sewing thing.
One of Sylvan's very dear friends, Miss S. is turning 4 on Tuesday! As I am pretty sure she is not reading this blog, I feel confident to show you the interior of her birthday card. She will be getting a special gift of the very last Tiny Purse in stock and a doll.
This is Sylvan displaying his 3rd place ribbon that he got from his VERY FIRST skiing race, in icy and fast conditions, at yesterday's Family Fun Race hosted by the Ragged Mountain Ski and Snowboard Club! He was so excited to be wearing that bib, displaying his race number (#57). The ribbon has his NAME on it, on the back---he wants me to tell you---and they announced his NAME and NUMBER and TIME on the loudspeaker. Although there was initially some totally slapstick humor style misses on the mountain...Sylvan had no helmet, Dad had the helmet on the mountain somewhere, Sylvan waited for him, then decided to go up and find him, Dad came down (repeat this a few times)...all ended well and they finally reunited.
And I had to repeat last week's cinnamon rolls. This time I made extra for our friend Ed who plows our driveway at no charge, a significant gift, as plow prices are steep and this winter is such a doozy. They are saying 8-12" of snow for tomorrow?!?! Come on. So when I get the chance, I like to make Ed some goodies. I froze his rolls unbaked so that he could have the aromatherapy for his house also.


  1. Fantastic hankie, Iris! I'm sorry to see that the snow closed down school AND the library. I hope the puppetshow gets rescheduled. We are looking forward to it, and to bringing an ATC to swap in the book.

  2. Fun to see this Iris. My husband used to be part-owner and manager of a restaurant that used bright cotton napkins with tiny prints. He appropriated the soft old ones as handkerchiefs. As I got to know him I was so impressed by this gentlemanly habit expressed with such cheerful panache. One Christmas years ago I made him some new ones, and this Christmas the girls tried their hand. (Since it was a surprise, they got no guidance from me on size, so he when he brings theirs, he usually packs two or three.) Another handkerchief related note: we buy plain white cotton ones in multiples when we find them on sale, and the girls have embroidered them as gifts ... Paul has a fine bumblebee that E did years ago. All great fun if you have a handkerchief user in the family. xo cdc

  3. Oh my goodness, Iris, that hanky is beautiful. I would certainly want to blow my nose in something so pretty and fresh!

    But what I'm really lovin' this morning is the expression you captured on your little boy's holding his ribbon...shy but so proud and happy. This IS the good stuff that makes life grand!

    Thank you for bright moments!