Monday, March 30, 2009

I feel like I'm on vacation when...

Above is for Kate

The breakfast dishes are washed before I leave the house. Clean sink for my return!

I grocery shop early in the day, by myself. Today I was there at 8:10: the store is always empty, the clerks are happy. No lines.

I bought myself these flowers, and if you look carefully you can see it's 50 F on my thermometer.
The massive laundry pile that had been taking up my bedroom floor-space for a few days, just growing larger each day, was folded before 7 a.m. Put away by Husby by 7:15. Doing one load a day can be like vacation also.
Grundens rain gear:
the only kind that holds up to mud season in Maine,
and favored by fisherpeople.
Love the design detail that you can notice in that the snaps ALTERNATE
side to side, for better rain protection.

I got to exercise with the regular awesome crew today. We're like an army of strong, gorgeous women (and Richard and Donny), all ages, all shapes, all sizes, working so damn hard, totally high on life and endorphins while getting our butts kicked into shape by this amazing woman. Check out the pictures of the space we get to fill up at High Mountain Hall. (It used to be a feed store, before that it was a church!) And our class, Sacred Sweat, has a Facebook page if you want more inspiration---better yet, come by and try it.
I already know what I am making for dinner.


  1. Iris, I'm jealous. How does Sylvan get so much milage out of them? Michael's Grunden's, new late in the fall, lasted until the middle of May last year. I guess sliding down the giant rock behind Rosewood was too much for those pants. They were beyond saving. I went to replace them this fall but couldn't bring myself to pay the price thinking he might destroy them before the snow flew. He's very tough on outer gear.

  2. That exercise palace/thing looks amazing! Sacred sweat... you gotta love that name.

    What am I not loving? Cold, wet, chilly, thunderstorm-y spring.

  3. Love this post Iris, beginning to end...thanks.

    Now a confession:
    Being the design person that I am I do have to admit that I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I don't get the alternating snap thing...I just don't get it.

    My verification word:
    turti (love it!)

  4. OK the alternating snap thing: Well see how the second pic has a "female" snap at top (the one with the Grundens label on it), then below it is a "male" snap. So when you go to snap up the coat, you have to alternate sides, right and left. This is to prevent rain from just blowing into your snap panel, as it might if you were in gale force winds and had your snaps marching neatly up the right or left...Gap-osis.

  5. i smiled at your first 'two things' - me too! me too! :)

    i think you invited me to your swap-choo which was so nice (i hope that was you, otherwise this will sound like such a weird comment to leave)... and i think i failed miserably at responding which probably means i would fail for sure at the swap itself. :(
    ... but i LOVE the idea of it!