Thursday, March 19, 2009

Is she really as busy as she says?

Yes. But that has never stopped me from 1) recreational reading, and 2) knitting.
But, you say, here you are obviously squandering a few minutes
trying to capture the perfect photo of sap dripping.
Yes, that is also true.

I finished a birthday scarf for one of my best girls, a confirmed Winter palette, who wears wool year round, so I was unperturbed that spring is nosing forward. It's a great scrunchy pattern that is so easy. This is the same woman who coined the term Conceptual Dressing, for the type of clothing choices we notice in Mainers who, when they see that the temperature is 55 degrees F think it is Spring and therefore, out come the shorts and tee shirts.
Photos are mildly blurry because the sky is blurry today also.
The rainbow shawl is growing.
So, how do I do it? Well I make knitting progress by having a project that is easy enough so that I don't have to really pay much attention, but it also can't be completely dull (like acres of Stockinette Stitch) or else I would be bored. Self-striping yarn helps keep the interest up also, as do bright colors.
I am the knitting geek who takes her knitting with her everywhere, in case there is an odd moment to knit. This makes me not resent waiting and makes me more peaceful. I knit through the school music concert last night. I sometimes knit and read, because I have this neat gismo to hold my book pages open. I take odd moments when I can get them.


  1. Love the sap photos!

    I have a funny verification word today:

  2. I look at those sap photos and think, "wow, it really is a whole different world." It seems so exotic. Sap milking. How about that?

  3. From now on I will find references to maple syrup sap very "Maineian" rather than "Canadian".
    And can I just say that that scarf is beautiful? That scarf is beautiful.
    Thank you.

  4. You must tell me what the book gizmo is, because if I could reconcile my two loves, knitting and reading, into one amazing activity, I could make scarves for the whole world. Which would be awesome.

  5. Book Gizmo:

    Scarves for the world!!!

  6. I so wish I could knit. It is one of my goals for this year..or at least before my next few birthdays. What a lovely artistic life your are living. I love your blog and your photos are great. The breakfast shots of the crepes made me want to come right over -- so much better than my shredded wheat and day old coffee I had this morning!